PDM suspended to save land from development

Land earmarked for development in the heart of Quarteira could be ‘saved’ from being turned into “a concrete jungle” following a decision by Loulé council to suspend its municipal plan (PDM) in the area, making it impossible for anyone to build on the plot.

Hopes are that this will deter potential investors from buying the 1.3-hectare plot of land in a public auction.

As councillor Heloísa Madeira explained in a public meeting on Tuesday, the council wants to prevent the construction of more buildings in the town and instead it hopes to turn the area into a “green space” with trees and gardens and an underground carpark.

“Towns shouldn’t be made of just buildings. We need gardens, spaces where locals can spend time together and where we can hold activities and events that will benefit the community,” Madeira explained.

The council has tried to purchase the land, but thus far the asking price has been too high. Following this latest decision, the council is hoping it can resume negotiations with the owner of the land, which is used each week to host the fruit market.

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Photo: From left – Telmo Pinto, Quarteira council, Loulé mayor Vítor Alexio and councillor Heloísa Madeira. SARA ALVES/OPEN MEDIA GROUP