Photo: Lusa

PCP communists visit China

Trip to see “exchange of reciprocal ideas and allow better understanding of reality of People’s Republic of China”

A delegation of PCP communists, led by the party’s secretary general Paulo Raimundo, is in China this week on a visit organised in the context of friendly relations between the two parties.

In a note to newsrooms, the Portuguese communists say they will be visiting Shanghai, Hefei and Beijing.

Questioned by Lusa on the purpose and duration of the visit, the party simply said that it will be taking place this week, “without giving a return date”, adding that it will involve the “exchange of reciprocal information and the ability to better understand the reality of the People’s Republic of China”.

The country’s much-reduced communist party (it was hammered during the last elections) added that talks will be held at various levels with leaders” of the Communist Party of China, and that further information will be provided at the end of the visit.