Paulo Portas claims other countries envy Portugal’s ties with Angola

Sounding a conciliatory tone this week is former deputy prime minister Paulo Portas, warning that current diplomatic issues with Angola (click here) need to be sorted.

The country’s relationship with its former colony is “unsubstitutable”, the envy of other countries, and Portugal should maintain it, he said.

Portas was speaking in his capacity as vice-president of commercial and industrial entity CCIP. This post is just one of his new roles (click here) since leaving political life as the former head of the CDS party, following 2015’s election ‘defeat’.

Portas stressed in his interview with Jornal de Notícias that Portugal may have certain “elective affinities” with “countries like Angola”, but that it has to “take care of them in a very professional way” to preserve “these relations of affinity that are first and foremost with Portugal but which are not kept for Portugal” if the country does not know how to promote “policies that protect this position”.

Reading between the lines, people may interpret volumes.

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