Patrick Stuart’s wine column

Dear Editor

I totally disagree with Mr. João Xabregas of Silves that articles on such expensive wines such as those featured by your wine columnist are of interest to most of us wine lovers. I for one like to read about wines that I can afford to buy and enjoy and would never pay more than €5 or €6 for a white wine. Even for a very special occasion or gift, my budget would not stretch beyond say €12, a price that is sufficient to buy some excellent ‘reservas’, such as Esporão branco. The wines included in your newspaper over recent weeks are simply not of interest to most consumers.

B. Williams


Patrick Stuart replies:

Next week’s article on Top Shelf Whites will be on the Alentejo. Then, my final column in this series will be about the Algarve the following week, along with an overview of Portugal’s best whites. I too would find these wines outside of my budget for anything but a very special occasion or gift, but I do hope that other readers, like Mr. Xabregas, have also enjoyed reading this series. I have certainly enjoyed tasting the wines!