Passionate about teaching

Colégio S. Gonçalo began activity in Luz, Lagos in 2010. It welcomes children from four months right up to  primary school. With qualified and fluent English speaking human resources, our school provides a calm and harmonious environment, allowing the children a comfortable and happy development.

The newly-built infrastructures consist of 2,000m² covered area and 800m² outdoor areas, meeting the most important safety and best quality standards, which provide all emotional and physical safety a child requires.

Our regular activities include music and gymnastics, provided by external highly qualified partners and experts, as well as cooking, pedagogical garden and computer information technology.  It also offers extra-curricular activities such as karate, ballet, swimming, English, violin and tennis.

Our food and nutritional menus are accompanied by a specialised nutritionist and cooked daily with fresh products, with the greatest rigidity when it comes to a good quality and balanced diet.

Our main school values are firmness, service, ability, happiness, safety and passion.

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