Passion Play in Pêra this Sunday

REHEARSALS have been held somewhat sporadically, but the enthusiasm of the cast remains high. Jesus and his sense of humour have caused problems; the washing of the feet of the Apostles turned into a ‘tie shoe laces together’ session, which resulted in some clumsy exits from the supper table. The rehearsal of the Mount of Olives’ scene began well – the groups were well positioned, Jesus with his three favourites, the ‘other’ apostles, Judas and other ‘traitors’, the Roman soldiers and a motley crew of ‘multitude’ , stragglers and hanger-ons. Unannounced, the rains came down (there had been fervent prayers lead by Father Coelho during the morning mass) and the little groups ran for shelter under the olive trees, but then, as the deluge gained force, retreated to the little 14th century church of São Francisco. This is where the Passion Play will start on Sunday, March 20 at 8pm. Everyone is welcome. Contributed