Part-timers 'want more work'

A new European study has found that nearly half (46%) of Portugal’s part-time workers want more work. This makes the nation the fourth country in Europe with the highest rate of ‘underemployed workers’.
According to Eurostat – the entity behind the study – underemployed workers are aged between 15 and 74, working a certain number of hours but available for more.
Eurostat found that 263,000 part-timers in Portugal were underemployed at the end of 2013. In the EU as a whole, the number soars to 10 million, with an average of 22.7% underemployed workers.
Greece tops the list, with a 72% rate, followed by Cyprus (59%) and Spain (57.9%).
The lowest rates were found in the Netherlands (4.2%), Luxembourg (10.3%), Czech Republic (11.4%) and Denmark (11.7%).