Parliamentary leader says it’s time to differentiate between ‘vaccinated’ and ‘non-vaccinated’

Parliamentary leader Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues has suggested two new approaches to outlining Portugal’s virus data. Addressing the closing stages of this morning’s meeting with experts at Infarmed he said he would like to see “abundantly transmitted” how many non-vaccinated patients are among new case numbers. He said he believes this information is necessary “so that people do not get the wrong impression that the process of vaccination in elderly people isn’t working”. In his opinion, the Delta variant for seniors who are not vaccinated “would be disaster”. Mr Rodrigues is also a keen supporter of wider use of Covid Digital Certificates, not simply for access to hotels/ restaurants, but to shops as well. He said it is “necessary that vaccination is worth that difference in returning to normality”. In other words, people who do not want to be vaccinated should “change their attitude”.