Parliamentary leader enjoys Algarve sunshine after controversial appeal to flock to Seville

Portugal’s parliamentary leader Ferro Rodrigues ignored his own controversial plea for Portuguese to flock en masse to Seville to support the national football team in its Euro 2020 clash last Sunday against Belgium (click here), having enjoyed instead a weekend of sunshine in the Algarve.

Rodrigues was lambasted for his public appeal at a time when the country is struggling to contain the spread of the Delta variant. The outbreak of the new variant even forced Lisbon into a new weekend lockdown. The only way of leaving the capital’s Metropolitan Area was by presenting a negative Covid-19 test or the Covid Digital Certificate.

While the parliamentary leader originally said he would be attending the match despite the worrying situation, national press reports that he ultimately decided against it – perhaps fearing even more bad press after being almost universally criticised.

In fact, the parliamentary president is said to have enjoyed a weekend of sunshine at Altura beach in Castro Marim, having stayed at Eurotel Altura Hotel.

Reports Correio da Manhã, DGS health director Graça Freitas also stayed at the same hotel.

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