Parliament backs bid to build bridge between Alcoutim and Spain

Parliament has approved a bid to build a bridge between the Algarve’s borough of Alcoutim and Sanlúcar de Guadiana in Spain, described as a long-time goal of residents from both sides of the river.

The proposal was presented by the Communist Party (PCP) and approved despite the abstention of PS, PSD and CDS-PP.

According to PCP, the state should begin talks with Spanish authorities to start developing the project, considered “vital to the economic and social development of the north-eastern Algarve”.

As the party explains: “The construction of this infrastructure will have an extremely important impact on the local economy and will help attract new residents, helping fight the depopulation and ageing of the population which has been affecting the north-eastern Algarve for decades”.

PCP had presented a similar proposal in 2013 which was rejected at the time by the PSD/CDS-PP government, but was supported by PS which this time decided to abstain.

“This change of vote does not contribute to achieving the goal of building this bridge,” the communists added.