Parliament advises government to save cork museum

Members of the Portuguese Parliament have asked the government to take action to enable Silves Cork Museum, which closed its doors in May due to financial difficulties, to re-open.

According to a statement published on November 25 in the official government newspaper Diário da República, they say the government should support the preservation of Silves Cork Museum in order to prevent its permanent closure and safeguard its contents. To do this, the Government needs to move ahead with the classification process of Fábrica do Inglês, which the Cork Museum is part of.

The museum won the award for Best Industrial Museum in Europe in 2001 but was forced to close its doors due to the insolvency of the Alicoop group, the largest shareholder of Fábrica do Inglês.

According to the Director of the Museum, Manuel Ramos, “the preservation of the world’s largest collection of documents about the history of the cork industry is at risk.” The accumulated debts of the museum amount to €6.5 million.