Parking plans approved

A plan to provide covered parking in the centre of Vila Real de Santo António has been approved by the municipal assembly.

The new car park has been deemed necessary by the Câmara to increase the number of available spaces in the city for both residents and visitors, and it is hoped that by making parking easier that more visitors will come to the city centre to shop.

In 2002 a similar project was suggested but did not advance due to the financial cost to the Câmara.

However, this latest car park will be privately funded.

A spokesman for the Câmara said: “We have found that this is the best way to provide the city with this much-needed infrastructure with no cost to the Câmara and that it brings the prospect of a significant increase in cash flow to the city centre.”

Câmara president Luís Gomes said: “This is a decisive step towards providing the city with more structured parking solutions and will provide those visiting the city centre with better access to this excellent leisure and shopping area.”