Parking outrage continues

Protests continue against the payment scheme re-introduced this year by municipal company Global Loulé at the parking lot of Bougainvillea Plaza and Quinta Shopping, in Quinta do Lago.

According to statements from shopkeepers, the car park is normally empty and has led to a decrease in the number of clients and visitors.

Traders are reacting strongly to recent statements by Paulo Bernardo from Global Loulé, who was quoted in the press as having said that the system was implemented to guarantee free spaces at all times for the more demanding clients.

Michael Ferrada, who runs an office in the centre, voiced the general opinion of shopkeepers and business owners of the retail area and expressed his discontent with the explanation given by Bernardo, calling it a “salesman’s” speech.

“The 80 tolled spaces most likely did not surpass a 20% occupation during the months of July and August,” he said, adding that their takings were probably not enough to pay the wages of the two employees that worked at the toll booth.

Despite indications that show that the charges may see their end soon, it is feared that the measure may be implemented again next year.

“We just want them to put an end to this unpopular measure, which is affecting the local and traditional markets,” Ferrada concluded.