Parking fees “up 165%” for Faro airport transfer companies

Transfer companies are in uproar over new parking fees at Faro airport that will see them forking out another 165% to do business this year.

Right now, the yearly parking licence for the airport’s P6 carpark costs €271.40.

Next year, it will cost €665.

The worst of it, say transfer companies, is that there is nothing to justify the massive increase.

The carpark simply allows them to drive “in and out”. It doesn’t offer any kind of conditions for people with wheelchairs or limited mobility, nor does it include any shaded protection from sun, wind or rain.

Asking to remain anonymous, a source told Barlavento newspaper that transfer companies lack an association to represent them while the Portuguese Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism “doesn’t care two hoots about them”.

The source also complained that ANA – the airports authority – should offer different payment methods.

“We only use the parking area six months per year. Why should we pay for a whole year,” the source questioned.

“We have the (highway) tolls, parking areas are becoming more expensive… I don’t know what future they want for the region’s tourism sector,” the source added.

ANA’s spokesperson Rui de Oliveira said that the increase is aimed at matching prices with those charged in Lisbon and Porto.

“Even so, the prices to be charged in Faro are substantially below those in Lisbon and Porto (€1,400),” he added.