Parkalgar at Monza.jpg

Parkalgar at Monza

BRITISH MOTORBIKE racing driver, Craig Jones, from the Portimão-based Parkalgar racing team achieved sixth position at the Monza World Supersport championship on Sunday.

Craig Jones, who was riding a Honda CBR 600 RR suffered a fall during the race, which affected his hand but did not stop him from finishing.

“The start went very well. I went up the rankings” said Craig, adding “I didn’t suffer a lot of pain because I was well medicated, the problem was the lack of sensitivity in my hand but I think that I achieved a good result, considering the circumstances.”

Craig Jones’ team mate, Miguel Praia was forced to abandon the race three laps before the end because of clutch problems on his Honda CBR 600 RR. “It was not the outcome I was intending” said Miguel Praia.

Fabien Foret won his first race of the season with his Yamaha YZF R6.