Paris gets its own special Port wine shop

A wine shop selling some of Portugal’s finest Port wines Portugal opened on Tuesday (December 8) in the historic Parisian district of Marais in France.

“We want to be the ambassadors of these wines in Paris,” Julien dos Santos, the 27-year-old owner of the store told Lusa news agency.

The decision to open the shop came a year after taking over the Vinologia wine bar in Porto.

“For a long time, France has been the number one consumer of Port wines in the world. Lately, there have been many French people visiting Douro and Porto but when they return to France they can’t find wines with the same quality and variety.”

Naming his new store Portologia, dos Santos says that he will be working with around 200 “small producers” who sell a variety of rare wines, including Vintage bottles of Port.

The store owner, born in France but a son of Portuguese parents, added that his wine shop will also feature tastings of other Portuguese delicacies such as delicatessen meats and cheeses as well as French chocolates.

If all goes well, dos Santos admits he might think about opening a new store in London.

As we went to press on Wednesday, a luxury hotel in Paris was holding the ‘Sommet du Porto’, a gourmet event where French dishes were going to be paired with Port wines.

Michelin-starred Chef Thierry Marx and acclaimed Sommelier David Biraud – a finalist in the ‘Meilleur Sommelier du Monde’ competition – were only some of the culinary stars due to take part.

“The main goal is to present Port wines in its special categories. France is the main market for Port wines, but there is a great effort to show French consumers that it is a wine for every moment,” explained the president of the Douro and Port Wines Institute (IVDP), Manuel de Novaes Cabral.