Parents’ protest over mixed classes at Loulé school

A demonstration against the creation of ‘mixed classes’ of students from the third and fourth grades at one of the Padre João Cabanita schools in Loulé was carried out last Friday by a group of discontented parents.

The action took place outside the school and was organised by a local citizen movement group.

One of the parents, a university professor who specialised in education matters, described the protest as a consequence of the school principal’s “lack of availability” to implement the changes requested by the parents.

Manuel Alves, principal of the Padre João Cabanita School Group, told Lusa news agency that he understands their concerns and is awaiting authorisation from his “superiors” to achieve those changes.

“I am completely available to solve the issue, but it is out of my hands,” he said.

Another parent said she did not understand why her son, who suffers from hearing problems and therefore is a special needs child, was included in a class with 20 students from different grades. She said that the rules enforced by the Ministry of Education “overlook the human factor and only value numbers”.

The parents revealed that another demonstration may be in the works for this week.

This is one of many similar cases reported across the country.