Parents leave children in hotel room while they go drinking

THREE IRISH children were housed at the chldren’s refuge Aboim Ascensão in Faro in the early hours of Saturday (May 3) after their parents left them alone in a hotel room while they drank at the hotel bar.

According to TVI, a Portuguese television channel, the children, aged one, three and six, were left in their hotel room while their parents, aged 32 and 35, ate their evening meal and then went to the bar for drinks.

TVI reported that the parents then became so intoxicated that they fell into alcoholic comas and had to be transported to Loulé heath centre for treatment.

Local GNR were contacted by the holiday complex in Vilamoura, who initially took the children into their care.

It was then decided by Segurança Social, Portuguese social services, that the children would need to be placed in the children’s refuge in Faro until other arrangements could be made.

By late Saturday, the children had been returned to the care of their parents until the case can be heard at court in Faro on Monday.

It is expected that their parents will be charged with negligence and for drinking in the presence of minors.