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Panto season is now over

By: Louise Pimm

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SHEHEREZADE’S GREATEST Hits, the most recent panto from The Algarveans Experimental Theatre group was exactly that, a hit.

From a tap dancing camel, belly dancers, a talking parrot and story loving tyrant, Scheherezade’s Greatest Hits, which was written by Siãn Hughes Roberts and directed by Keith Beasley, had the audience laughing, crying and joining in throughout the performance.

Siãn, obviously a Monty Python fan, wrote a script that was entertaining throughout the two hour show. “It didn’t take long to write, maybe 24 hours in total,” Siãn told The Resident, “we’ve always done panto’s that people know, so I thought I’d have a go at writing something completely new.”

Keith’s direction was also top notch, “I have directed a panto in the UK before,” Keith said. “I really enjoyed directing the cast, there are some really talented performers and I hope that next year I will be involved just as much.”

All the dance routines had been choreographed by Karen Barroso, with dancers wiggling their hips in perfect time.

On the visual front, the costumes almost stole the show. Paul Felix said: “I’ve been working on the 19 principle costumes since December 2006. I have probably spent around 300 hours chopping up old costumes, designing new ones and accessories from scratch, I even converted a cave man wig for one of the characters!”

The sequin encrusted cod piece brought the house down and almost stole the show, but for me, B-Hab, played by Lloyd Delderfield was the star act.

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