Panic on Sintra Line

HUNDREDS OF passengers were caught up in a frightening incident that took place on Lisbon’s Sintra Line, during rush hour on Monday this week.

Three men, aged between 22 and 27, attacked a man on the platform at Amadora station and followed him onto a train that was heading for Queluz. Once on board, the men, one of whom was seen carrying a knife, proceeded to assault more commuters, leaving five injured. Not surprisingly, a state of panic ensued and many passengers were apparently in tears.

The train was 200m from Queluz Station when the emergency alarm was activated, causing the train to stop and the doors to open. The three assailants left the train and attempted to get away on foot, running into the centre of Queluz. Two were arrested by police at a snooker hall, but the third man managed to escape.

Despite the violent nature of the incident, the two men, who are residents of Santa Filomena, a well known trouble-spot, have only been placed under house arrest with a requirement to report to the local police station.