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Panic buying forces fuel stations to close


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FUEL SHORTAGES across Portugal have caused people to panic buy today (Wednesday), which has led to many petrol stations running out of fuel and closing.

Rui Vieira, a spokesman for the transport union in the Algarve, whose members are protesting about the rising cost of fuel , said: “Around seven or eight petrol stations in the Algarve have already run out o fuel because of the transport blockade, especially those in Silves, Lagos and Olhão. In the next few days fuel will run out everywhere.”

An employee from Galp petrol station in Lagoa, who asked not to be named, told The Resident: “There are such big queues, cars are blocking the junctions to get to us, but have already run out of diesel. We will probably run out of petrol this morning and then I don’t know what will happen.”

Rui Vieira also said, however, that the protesters are allowing lorries and trucks to pass that are transporting essentials and fuel for hospitals and airports.