PAN persuades government to promote training in biological agriculture

It may only have one MP, but PAN is making huge strides in government. Following on from groundbreaking legislation in animal protection, the party has pushed forwards a proposal to integrate experts in biological farming onto regional agriculture and fisheries boards. Designed to ensure better evaluation of bio-projects, it means that the Ministry of Agriculture is finally promoting a form of farming for which support up until this point “has been non-existent”.

Thanks to Silva’s proposal, “at least two experts in biological agriculture” will sit on each of the regional agriculture and fisheries boards – and this is just “the first phase”.

PAN MP André Silva secured the victory explaining that biological agriculture “benefits people’s health as much as it does the environment” due to the fact that it does not use chemical products, antibiotics or growth enhancers, and leaves soils and water courses uncontaminated.

Said Silva: “I believe political will and sensibility is more or less consensual over the necessity to strengthen the link between what brings social well-being and an elevated level of economic and environmental sustainability.”

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