Dá me Água Dá me Vida

PAN Olhão launches campaign that encourages giving water to animals

The “People, Animals and Nature” party launched the “Dá-me Água – Água é Vida” campaign to support animals during periods of drought.

Alexandre Pereira, PAN municipal deputy in Olhão, announced this week the launch of the “Dá-me Água – Água é Vida” (Give me Water – Water is Life) initiative, which encourages people to provide water to animals, whether cats or dogs living in colonies on the streets or other animals such as birds, insects and other mammals.

The PAN representative states, “Our region, in particular, is going through a serious drought. With the scarcity of water, the constant heat waves and the lack of humidity, conditions aggravated by the climatic changes, water available for wild fauna is almost non-existent. Thus, we have a serious problem: a lack of watering places for amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and insects, which, in urban or rural environments, cannot find places to drink and refresh themselves. This initiative, therefore, intends to challenge civil society, municipalities and parish councils to create water points. These artisan drinking fountains make water available because water is life”, reinforces the deputy.

According to Alexandre Pereira, the intention is to create several water points in the cities and rural environments where streams no longer have water. “This way, we will be contributing to the survival of many wild animals, increasing biodiversity, so important for the balance of ecosystems, by ensuring that all these animals continue to contribute to the planet’s ecosystem”, he concludes.