PAN calls for end to “extreme tree pruning” in Algarve

PAN urges municipalities’ association to take action against “extreme tree felling and pruning”

Political party PAN (People, Animals, Nature) is calling for action against the cases of “extreme tree felling and pruning” which have been reported recently in the Algarve.

In March, residents and tourists were outraged over the unexpected pruning of three decades-old trees at Carvoeiro’s taxi rank, followed by further shock caused by a similar intervention carried out in Lagoa.

“What we have been witnessing a bit across the entire Algarve when it comes to the management of trees is illegal, (a display) of absolute incompetence, irresponsibility and foolishness,” PAN party member Paulo Baptista says in a statement to the press.

The party’s proposal to “immediately apply the Legal Framework of Urban Tree Management, promulgated on August 18, 2021,” is due to be presented to the intermunicipal assembly of the Algarve Municipalities Association (AMAL) this Friday.

The proposal highlights the role that trees play in the well-being of local communities, helping reduce pollution and purify the air, defend biodiversity and local ecosystems, fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gases, reduce temperatures and avoid floods.

“How can political decision-makers call for the protection of nature when, in practice, what we see on our streets is the felling and complete disfiguration of healthy trees which, in the middle of the breeding season, are left without their crowns, nests, birds and life? It makes no sense,” Baptista adds.

PAN is urging AMAL to instruct boroughs to “put an immediate end to any tree felling in public areas in the region” and to forbid “extreme pruning”. The party is also urging the association to have an active role in the defence of municipalities’ trees.

“As politicians, we need to have the courage to change what is necessary. What legacy will we leave our children, grandchildren and future generations? A few more supermarkets, like they are doing in Lagoa by destroying Alagoas Brancas – a space of incredible wealth which is being exchanged for discounts at Continente? The system needs to change, we have to think first about ecosystems,” adds Paulo Baptista.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]