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PAN Algarve calls for action over animal poisonings

PAN Algarve has expressed its “indignation and repulsion” over the deaths of hundreds of animals in the region due to poisonings and called for action to avoid further deaths and make sure local populations are safe.

The poisonings have been happening for decades in the municipalities of Albufeira and Silves, although the situation has been reportedly worsening recently.

“We are talking about a tremendous imbalance in wildlife because deaths of foxes, eagles, and mongooses have already been reported. In addition, there is the cruelty of how the animals are killed, and according to the investigations, a pesticide prohibited in Portugal is also used,” said Saúl Rosa, a representative for the regional delegation of political party PAN (People, Animals and Nature).

“It is absurd that these areas can have up to 40 traps, and we must find the perpetrators of these crimes, which affect not only the local fauna but also companion animals and put the local population at risk,” he added.

PAN Algarve applauded the recent investigative efforts by the GNR police, lamenting the death of a tracking dog during the investigations. The party also said that it is taking legal action and urges the public to remain vigilant.

If anyone has information about these crimes, they can report directly to the authorities or to PAN itself via email at ‘[email protected],’ and they can do so anonymously. We will not rest until the perpetrators of this crime are identified and held accountable.”

The party also says it is available to engage with the municipalities of Silves and Albufeira to discuss preventive measures to safeguard the people and animals in the affected areas.

By Michael Bruxo

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