PalmDoc for palms

New company PalmDoc specialises in advising on, and treating, palm trees all across the Algarve from their base in Porches.

Helder Rocha has been self-employed for four years in garden and pool services in the Algarve and his wife Silke has lived in Portugal for 11 years and runs the business side of PalmDoc.

An initial visit and diagnosis is free of charge after which they can offer tailored treatment, a follow-up visit and preventative treatments.

All of their plant protection products are certified by EU laws.

Treating a plam tree.
Treating a plam tree.

More information and advice on the red weevil problem that affects palm trees in the Algarve can be found on their website at www.palmdoc.eu.

You can reach Helder and Silke Rocha by calling (+351) 926 502 105.