Palmares golf course open for business  during renovation.jpg

Palmares golf course open for business  during renovation

Palmares golf course is due to remain open while a new nine-hole golf course is being constructed and various renovations taking place.

The new course is expected to open in March 2010 and it is hoped it will offer a more varied course for golfers to complement the current 18-hole course.

António Pinto Coelho, project manager of the Group Onyria, which owns the course, said: “Our intention is to keep the golf course open and, at the moment, we have everything to make us believe we can achieve that goal.”

He added: “With the renovations, there will be enhancements in most areas in order to match the quality of the old golf course with the new one.”

Palmares golf course, near Meia Praia in Lagos, opened in 1975 and was designed by Frank Pennick and has hosted many golf competitions. Every year in February, an amateur golf competition, the Almond Blossom Amateur Tournament, attracts visitors from many European countries.

Since 2002, the qualifying School of European Seniors tour has been playing at Palmares.