Palácio in flames

OFFICERS from the Portimão bombeiros found themselves in danger recently as they fought a raging fire that broke out in a wooden house at Bairro do Palácio in Portimão.

Vilarim Reis, comandante of the Portimão bombeiros, explained that the problems occurred because of several gas bottles stored inside the burning building. “The fire grew quickly and fiercely because the house was made of wood and there were other highly flammable materials inside. We had to work extremely cautiously because of the gas bottles that were still inside,” he revealed. The fire grew, eventually proving too much for the 17-man team and the Lagoa bombeiros were called in for backup.

In all, six houses were destroyed in the fire. These were home to 26 people, most of them Cape-Verdian. A spokesman from Portimão Câmara revealed that the victims have all been found temporary accommodation and their homes will not be rebuilt.

Câmara President, Manuel da Luz, had announced several months ago that all the homes in the Palácio area, well known for its drug dealing activity, would be demolished and residents moved to Ladeira do Vau. However, Luz has since revealed that government spending cuts will make it impossible to carry out this plan.