Paka Dora launches Algarve animal survey

Number of unwanted cats and dogs is growing out of control

Algarve-based animal association Paka Dora is calling on fellow associations and animal lovers to answer a survey which it has created to compile data on the region’s stray animal colonies and shelters.

The survey follows the Resident’s article last month highlighting Portugal’s “animal emergency”, with the number of unwanted cats and dogs growing out of control.

“We have looked for official statistics for a while but cannot find any data to back up what we as volunteers see daily,” the association says.

“We are in need of some data to show the severity of the current situation, so if you run a shelter or look after any colonies of street cats or stray dogs your input would be so gratefully received,” it adds.

The information that the association needs is broken down into categories:

Street cat colonies:

  • How many cats are in the colony?
  • How many are sterilised?
  • How many are not sterilised?
  • How many turn up regularly for feeding?
  • How many kittens turn up or how many kittens found abandoned?
  • Cost of food andhow much is covered by donations?

Street dogs:

  • Does anyone look after any street dogs?
  • How long have they been on the streets?
  • How many are sterilised?
  • How many are not sterilised?
  • How many puppies turn up?
  • How many do you feed?
  • Cost of food and how much is covered by donations?


  • How many cats or dogs do you look after?
  • How many are sterilised?
  • How many are not sterilised?
  • How much do you spend on food (daily/monthly ) and/or kilos?
  • How much of this is through donations?
  • How many requests for food do you receive from other charities?

Paka Dora also wants to know how much money other associations and carers spend per month on vet bills (consultations, sterilisations, medicine and treatments) and how many volunteers they work with, as well as with municipality their shelter or colony is located in.

Any additional information will also be welcomed by the association.

The answers can be sent to [email protected].

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]