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Pain management specialist presents workshops

Exercise Physiologist Rob Hughes will be presenting three workshops at the Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique between April 26 and 28.

The workshops will be on “Painful Joints. New Solutions for Old Problems”, “Anti-Ageing Strategies. Live Younger Longer” and “Maximising your Metabolism”.

For the last 30 years, Rob Hughes has worked in the spa and health profession, using his two degrees in Exercise Science and Wellness and his training as a Shiatsu therapist.

He is Board Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Clinical Physiologist, and is also considered one of the world’s leading practitioners of  Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for painful spines and joints.  

A spokesman for  the Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique  said: “He has developed a successful method for developing Mechanical Wellness, particularly for clients over 40, and has used this on 20,000 clients, saving many people from surgery.  

“It rapidly reverses pain in about 80% of cases, improving the integrity of articular and contractile tissue. It empowers people to become pain free and to remain better. When people can move without pain, they can adopt a more healthy way of life.”

For the last 18 years, Rob Hughes has been working at the famous Canyon Ranch Health Resort as specialist for chronic pain treatment, anti-aging for the joints, metabolic wellness and weight loss.

Each workshop costs €25 per person.

For more information, please contact the Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique at 282 240 110 or [email protected]