Greater flamingos

It often comes as a surprise that Portugal has large populations of greater flamingos with multiple locations to view them right here in the Algarve. As the name may suggest, the greater flamingo [...]

Louisiana Crayfish

Camera shy A discarded claw from either a fight or an otter Putting up a fight Louisiana Crayfish As the name suggests, the Louisiana Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) is native to the southern [...]

Tarantula wolf spider

  If I told you to describe a tarantula, you would probably respond with words along the lines of “big”, “hairy”, “dangerous” and maybe “not here in Portugal!” Well, you may be surprised to [...]

Ribeira de Odelouca

To the north of Silves lies the Barragem de Odelouca (“barragem” being Portuguese for dam), a huge expanse of water commissioned in June 2012, which is a main source of drinking water for the [...]

Thank you

Dear Editor, Thank you so much for the article from Craig Rogers about the Ribeira de Odelouca (Algarve Resident, June 28 edition). It did remind me of the time I lived in Zambia for a few years [...]

Iberian Magpies

I have recently had some heated discussions with locals in my village – of course in good spirit and always over a few bottles of beer. This month, I introduce the Iberian Magpie. “The what?” you [...]

European bee-eaters

We became residents in Portugal in August 2016, so as my passion is photography, imagine my delight when the following April a colony of European bee-eaters began nesting in the garden! You often [...]

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