Paedophile routed after nationwide grooming campaign run from Lagos

A middle-aged internet paedophile is now under house arrest on an electronic bracelet after being found to have persuaded several teens, some as young as 12, from all over the country to send him raunchy videos and photos of themselves stark naked.

The ‘retired disc jockey’ from Lagos (as PJ police have described him) pretended to be a young successful model with good connections to an agency, writes Público – adding that the agency actually exists, although the man has nothing to do with it.

Gaining teens’ confidence via Facebook, he encouraged them to send him photos of themselves “totally naked”, as well as sexy videos – switching somewhere along the grooming line to posing as the owner of a model agency who gave tips on body enhancement.

A statement from the PJ said in some cases the man even tried to groom youngsters personally, without the use of Facebook.

When these later refused to send him porno-style videos of themselves, he apparently threatened to put sexy photos that he already had of them online.

The case was investigated by DIAP in Matosinhos, as the first complaint came from a young teenager in that area.

Later, the authorities identified five other victims – one of which was only 12 when she first made contact with the ‘DJ’, said Público.

A house search yielded IT equipment with all the videos and photos stored away, and the man now faces criminal prosecution for child pornography.

His arrest coincides with Facebook’s own launch of MiudosSegurosNa.Net – an awareness campaign designed to explain some of the many dangers of what users might think are simple ‘online chats’. “Think before you share” reminds youngsters that you “can’t take anything back”, so be sure about what you send out.

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