Paediatrician accused of child sex-abuse “still working” as police investigate

A male paediatrician is accused of sexually abusing three teenage sisters during routine health consultations in a health centre in Oliveira de Azeméis, near Porto. The accusation, reported by the girls’ father, was lodged last week. The girls are now being questioned “for future memory” and only afterwards will the doctor be formally interrogated. For the time being, he is understood to remain at his post at a borough health centre.

According to Correio da Manhã, the abuse involved touching the girls’ bodies in “various places” as well as filming them without their clothes on. The filming is said to have included their private parts, though the girls are not alleging that the man physically had sex with them.

According to CM, the sisters, aged from 14 to 17, did not speak of the abuse for some time, due to feelings of shame. It was only when they all realised each other had had similar experiences that they spoke to their father, said the paper, which stresses: “Authorities will only interrogate the doctor after it has obtained the minors’ formal statements, which should happen in the next few days.”

Once the doctor has been interrogated, an internal inquiry in the health centre itself is likely to follow, the paper added.