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Overpriced golf

Dear Editor,

It’s with great interest that I read Peter’s letter on expensive golf in the Algarve, on which I totally concur (Algarve Resident, February 3 edition).

Let me give you our experiences there and in Spain.

A group of about 12 of us used to go to the Quinta do Lago area to play golf five or six times a year, but sad to say that I’m the only one coming here now as I have a property in that area.

The rest of the group now go to the Marbella/ Porto Banus area of Spain, where they can play golf for a fraction of the prices in the Algarve and also with a buggy included.

When will they ever learn, as they must see that the laws of diminishing returns must have been reached a long time ago.

I live on one of the courses in Quinta do Lago and, on most days, there are very few people playing golf there.

I ask myself if there is a cartel in operation there to make sure that golf prices are pitched at a very high price, thus maintaining the status of the supposed “Golden Triangle”.

When will the owners of the golf clubs wake up to some realism and see that most golf tourists are going elsewhere to avail of reasonably priced courses.

I feel sorry for the small businesses and shops in the area that depend on the tourist numbers for their livelihood.

Portugal is a wonderful country with a beautiful people, but please, please, wake up before it’s too late and get your pricing structures right.

I hope soon to see some realism coming back there or is it a matter that some people just don’t care?


By email

Dear Editor,