The Robinson family

Over €60,000 raised in just six days for young family in Burgau

“Speechless! Thank you to our amazing community and beyond!” This was Dan Robinson’s response to a Crowdfunder created in order to support himself, his wife Catherine and their two young daughters, Sofia (five) and Serena (one) through a heart-breaking time.

In October 2021, Catherine Robinson “began experiencing constant, agonising stomach pain” which led to hospitalisation. A few months later, at the mere age of 32, she was devastatingly diagnosed with peritoneal liver and lung cancer.

In an attempt to relive some financial burden off the self-employed pair and young parents, a family friend took to Crowdfunding platform ‘GoFundMe’ to create a fundraising page.

The goal was to raise €20,000 for the family as neither Catherine nor Dan are able to work right now. However, no-one could have predicted the heart-warming display of community spirit about to commence.

In just 24 hours, the money raised had doubled the €20,000 goal. And, within just six days, the page had received an awe-inspiring 577 donations totalling over €60,000.

Individual members of the community, local businesses and sports societies across the Algarve rallied together to show their love and support. Not only had they donated money and started to organise their own fundraising events, but hundreds of heartfelt words have since flooded the internet.

“Catherine and Dan have touched so many lives around here in such a positive way. Please donate what you can”. Friends and family have also gone on to praise them for how “beautiful” their family is and how “kind and caring” the couple are.

Dan and Catherine are considered pivotal members of the community. Catherine is originally from Tralee in County Kerry, Ireland, and grew up on the outskirts in Ballyroe. Dan is the eldest of three brothers and son to Andy and Judy Robinson who inaugurated Burgau Sports Centre back in 1984.

The pair met and fell in love around 12 years ago, in Burgau, where they reside today. Having married in 2013, they welcomed their first child Sofia in 2016 and, more recently, in 2020, Serena was born.

As well as their main role as devoted parents, Dan is the tennis coach at Burgau Sports Centre – a family-run social hub and centre of the community. Catherine is a self-employed hairdresser. Serendipitously, the family, through the Sports Centre, have helped raise thousands for local charities year on year. They are loved and respected by locals and holidaymakers alike.

With the ongoing funds, Catherine and her family will be able to sustain their living expenses as well as the ongoing cost of medicine and treatment. Money raised will also go towards other costs such as alternative therapies and transport to Portimão Hospital, where Catherine will undergo chemotherapy.

Funds will also help provide Sofia and Serena with clothes, toys and the like while their mother is receiving treatment.

The money raised will be transferred directly to the couple at the beginning of each month and any ongoing financial donations are greatly appreciated. During an unthinkable time, the support from this fundraiser and the local community have been overwhelming and touching testament to the young Robinson family and their contribution to the community.

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Catherine and her children Sofia and Serena
Sofia, five, and Serena, one