Over-65s to receive Covid boosters before Christmas; DGS confirms purchase of ‘miracle’ antivirals 

DGS health authorities have given a press conference this morning, plotting the way forwards in terms of vaccinations and booster jabs.

The bottom line is that all citizens over the age of 65 will be targeted for booster shots before Christmas.

The date by which everyone should have been re-vaccinated is December 19.

DGS health director Graça Freitas has also confirmed that Portugal will be purchasing the ‘miracle’ antivirals that have emerged to treat Covid-19 (click here and here).

She told the conference: “Our mission is to guarantee that the resident population in Portugal has access to this medication and/ or the vaccine”.

Readers will recall that booster shots being administered are the mRNA varieties of either Pfizer or Moderna (click here). Graça Freitas has said people whose original vaccines were from a different pharmaceutical manufacturer will be able to tolerate the change.