Fire in the village of Covelo, Vila Real - Photo: PEDRO SARMENTO COSTA/LUSA

Over 440 firefighters continue to battle blaze in Vila Real

“Complicated day” expected

Over 440 firefighters continue this morning to battle a wildfire which broke out in Samardã (Vila Real) in the Alvão mountain range on Sunday.

“The fire remains active, with three fronts, although the most worrying is the one developing at the peak of Alvão,” said Miguel Fonseca, district commander of rescue operations in Vila Real.

The morning update was made at 8pm at a command post set up near the village of Benagouro, where Fonseca said one of the fronts is almost completely under control, while another in Vila Pouco de Aguiar is also in the process of being “consolidated.”

But this does not mean that the worst has passed.

We are expecting a complicated day, as the area of the fire is very large and there are many hot points,” the district commander stressed.

He added that firefighting aircraft this morning will be an “importance piece to reinforce the work on the ground” to put out the two fronts that are less concerning and tackle the front that still “remains active.”

Five aircraft will be deployed this morning to tackle the blaze, which has been active for over 24 hours and has already destroyed a vast area of forest and which endangered several villages on Sunday.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]