Over 400,000 eggs impounded by ASAE health & safety agency

Giving no details on how the eggs will be disposed of, Lusa reports today that ASAE – the national health and food safety agency – has seized 402,000 eggs in the centre of the country, due to perceived negligent practices. The massive amount of eggs was either not properly marked or deficient in ‘food industry requirements’. The total value of the haul is put at €25,500.

Lusa explains: “Through a code printed on boxes and eggs, consumers get information on the country of origin, on the conditions in which hens are reared and which installations they come from”.

Eggs, under EU law, must also have a ‘sell by date’ which should not exceed 28 days from their laying date.

Today’s article leaves it unclear whether the eggs impounded were Portuguese or whether they could have come from another country.

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