Over 37 tons of “tofu” confiscated due to lack of hygiene

ASAE – the government-backed food and beverages watchdog – has confiscated what one newspaper describes as 37.5 tons of tofu, while another called it 37.5 tons of soybean seeds.

Whatever the case, it was a huge haul of produce that, if not tofu, is certainly the raw material that goes into its making.

Correio da Manhã announced the swoop on a factory in Porto Alto, Benavente, as “due to deficiencies in hygiene conditions”.

The merchandise – valued at €39,000 – also lacked importation papers.

CM writes that ASAE is now “analysing” the factory’s “method of making tofu”.

But Diário de Notícias hardly mentions tofu – simply referring to the goods seized as being 37.5 tons of soybean seeds.

As ASAE’s investigations continue, the factory has been temporarily shutdown.

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