Over 200 former public figures – including some in jail – receive lifetime pensions

State pensions authority Caixa Geral de Aposentações has once again published the list of former public figures receiving (often eye-popping) lifetime pensions.  

The list – which includes ex-MPs that are in jail, and under judicial scrutiny – was temporarily removed from the public domain three years ago while the government ‘acclimatised’ to data protection laws.

Say reports, the highest paid on the list receives over €13,000 a month. He is a former army general.

Among jailbirds receiving state pensions are former PSD MP Duarte Lima – serving time for fraud (click here) but also facing murder charges (click here) – and former Socialist minister Armando Vara, currently encarcerated for the trafficking of influences in the case that came to be known as ‘Face Oculta’ (click here). 

Also in receipt of a €2,300 monthly pay-out is former prime minister José Sócrates, the principal defendant in the Operation Marques ‘trial’ that is still in the instruction phase (click here).

To get a bird’s eye view of the list, click here and then download ‘Beneficiários SMV’ from the left-hand box entitled ‘documentos’.