Over 1700kg of cocaine seized by PJ in combined drugs’ swoops in Madeira and Azores

PJ police are expected to give a press conference later today on the details of investigations that led to two huge cocaine arrests this week, in Madeira and the Azores.

Success began on Monday when 327kg of the drug was seized off a yacht intercepted off the Azores.

Five people were arrested (details of nationalities are yet to be revealed) and house arrests in the Portuguese mainland areas of Aveiro and Nazaré followed.

The next day, police in Madeira made the next “killing”, seizing a haul of 1400kg of cocaine from a fishing boat in the port of Caniçal.

Again, seven people were arrested for trafficking but details on age nationalities are yet to emerge.

As Público explains, the press conference today is expected to “explain the (police) operation and give the results”.

It follows a significant arrest by Spanish police in the Azores, adds the paper. This refers to the discovery of another 600 kg of cocaine apprehended on the “high seas” northeast of the archipelago on Tuesday.

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