Over 1,500 Portuguese in foreign jails

The new statistics have also shown that a total of 1,521 Portuguese were being held in foreign jails last year. The figure is reported to be 973 less than in 2012.
According to the report, the majority was held in Spanish jails (550), followed by French (215). A total of 190 Portuguese were behind bars in the UK, while Brazil had another 106, Germany 63, Luxembourg 49, the US 22 and intriguingly Peru had as many as 50.
The report also showed that 280 Portuguese were expelled from foreign countries last year. Canada led the list, kicking 126 Portuguese citizens out of its territory, followed by UK (78) and the US (67).
Meantime, 1,698 foreigners were detained by the Portuguese authorities for being in “irregular situations” (which translates as illegal immigrants). A total of 169,797 foreigners were ‘identified’ according to the report, and 73,194 flights were monitored. This represents a 7.6% increase on the flights monitored in 2012.