Over 13,600 Portuguese bid for 450 jobs in the GNR

In one way, it’s heartening proof of the popularity of Portugal’s GNR police force. But in another, it is an indictment on the country’s lack of meaningful employment. In just a month, 13,638 people have put their names forward for the 450 slots open to rookie intake this year. Compared with last year, there are 2,172 more candidates to choose from, with an increasing number both of young woman (2,677) and university graduates (163).

GNR spokesman Major Marco Cruz agrees, “it is not just a quantitative increase, but qualitative. There are a lot more people with academic qualifications beyond the 11th year that we stipulate”.

The GNR as such is “more and more open to society”, he concluded.

Now, what lies ahead for the 13,600 are various tests, the first of which (knowledge-based) takes place on August 8. There then follow physical and psychological tests, as well as medical exams.

But even so, there may be thousands that make the grade but simply don’t get the opportunity.

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