Over 120,000 Portuguese in Ashley Madison infidelity drama

Among the 37 million “love rats” who risk having their very personal details splashed over the internet as a result of the hacking of the Ashley Madison adultery site are at least 120,000 Portuguese, reports the website’s parent company Avid Life Media.

But the company insists that everything is being done to “annul the attempted access to Ashley” with the ‘hard-delete’ option now freely available to its Portuguese subscribers.

The shock that such a “popular” site could be so damaged has been reverberating throughout the world this morning – no doubt causing delight within the legal profession which could now be bombarded with new cases ranging from divorce to invasion of privacy and identity theft.

For Portugal, the Ashley Madison craze “Life is short. Have an affair” only arrived a couple of years ago.

Since then more women than men have apparently joined up as subscribers, supplying the site not only with their personal information, but details on what sexual fetishes they prefer.

Évora is apparently the town with the most unfaithful, Ashley Madison data revealed in June – with no less than 13% of the 37,879 inhabitants onboard.

Next comes Braga with 12.6% of its population subscribing to the site, Coimbra (5.4%), Setúbal (4.9%) and Lisbon (0.6%).

This latest cyber attack follows a similar shock last March when the personal data (including fetishes) of 3.5 million Ashley Madison subscribers was published on Adult Friend Finder website.
Hackers are alleged to be upset over the way Ashley Madison is run, particularly over the fact that it charges people to leave the site.