Over 1,000 euros stolen from Albufeira bank

The Banif Bank branch in Santa Eulália, Albufeira, was the target of a recent bank robbery. An armed robber entered the bank, threatened staff and proceeded to go behind the counter grabbing 1,200 euros, then quickly escaping from the premises.

The police were called to the bank and were able to view CCTV footage of the robbery in the hope of gaining evidence into the identity of the robber.

This is the second time, in the space of two months, that Banif Bank in Santa Eulália has been robbed by an armed man. Police suspect that the same man has carried out both attacks. He is described as being white, around 40-years-old, 1.75 metres tall and speaks Portuguese. On this occasion, the man was alone and wore a hooded top. The type of gun he carried is still unknown.

The theft coincides with the robbing of 57,000 euros from two Marrachinho employees (see article ‘Thief makes off with 57,000 euros in Albufeira’ on page 5), which happened days earlier in Albufeira, when employees were on their way to the Santa Eulália branch of Banif bank to deposit the money.