Outrage over joke Madeleine interview

A Spanish television presenter has caused outrage after posting a joke interview with the “ghost” of Madeleine McCann on his personal blog.

In the mock interview on his blog named mi mesa cojea, my limping table, Jose Pérez pretends to have spoken to the ghost of the missing five-year old, who he describes as being well educated but having a cheeky attitude.

In the fictitious piece, Exclusive interview with Madeleine McCann, Madeleine criticises her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, telling Jose Pérez that she has become the “business of the century”.

“More t-shirts have been sold with my face on than that of Mickey Mouse, and they are thinking of negotiating the rights of my story with Hollywood. And why? So that my mother can leave her job to play with the (Nintendo) Wii for 12 hours a day.”

The fake interview also describes Madeleine as calling the Pope and other people who trust her parents as imbeciles.

Following the post, Jose Pérez received a wave of criticism, including one reader who wrote: “From the start, it’s of the worse taste that I have ever seen.” Another wrote: “You seem pathetic, ridiculous, without sense.”

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