Outrage over footage of dog being thrown over kennel fence

Social media is ablaze over footage of a man throwing a dog over the fence of a private kennel in Soure, Coimbra.

The footage was recorded on Sunday night and posted on Facebook by Pedro Simões, a volunteer at the Sourepatas animal association.

It shows the driver of a Smart car stopping in front the kennel’s gates and quickly throwing the animal over the fence before driving off.

Animal associations around Portugal are now pleading for more information about the driver. The video has been shared over 12,000 times and some are trying to edit the footage to make the man’s face or the car’s licence plate more visible.

Some people defend that the animal was not abandoned but “left at a kennel where it can receive good care”, though the majority highlight the “violent” way in which the dog was thrown over the fence like an object.

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