Outrage over airport carpark that charges €43 for two hours

ANA airports authority is back in hot water after people dropping loved ones off at Lisbon airport found themselves lured into a new car parking area that charges €43 for two hours.

The deceit is ingenious: the first 10 minutes are free, explains national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

But after that, any car remaining for an hour incurs a charge of €19.

Then, every 15 minutes, that price goes up by €6.

In other words, a ‘goodbye’ that lengthens due to delays, or for any other reason, can become hideously expensive.

“It’s an abuse”, said Lisbon resident Ana Cristina Santos, who found herself caught out by the charges.

“This is the only place where we can drop people. I saw the sign saying 10 minutes were free, and didn’t realise the prices charged for longer periods”.
Santos had to stump up €25 for “an hour and a few minutes”.

Amândio Nogueira got a similar shock, saying he found the charges “very high”.

But ANA, which has weathered various storms since being taken over by French group Vinci, is having none of it.

A spokesperson explained that people should count themselves lucky to have a place where they can say goodbye to family and friends at all.
“It allows them to park without paying for 10 minutes, which was not allowed before August 8”, he pointed out.

In fact the spot is dubbed “Kiss & Fly”. The higher than usual charges after 10 minutes, are there to “dissuade long-term parking”, the source added.