CIP slams salary increases
António Saraiva, president of the Confederation of Portuguese Business (CIP) for the last 13 years hands over to Armindo Monteiro on April 12

Outgoing business confederation boss suggests government reshuffle overdue

António Saraiva, the outgoing leader of Portugal’s business confederation (CIP) tells Lusa he believes it is time for a new government strategy, meaning ‘replacements’. “Regrettably, the government has found itself involved in a number of issues and scandals and cases, which have undermined its effectiveness and reduced the focus that the government should have”, he explains. “With this it is impossible to make a positive balance of this first year” of an absolute majority, which has been described by President Marcelo as a “tired” and “reheated” government. In António Saraiva’s mindset the first to be replaced should be the minister of the economy…. Mr Saraiva relinquishes his post to Armindo Monteiro on April 12. He has been leading CIP for 13 years, and has earned the nickname “the boss of bosses”.