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Outdoor listening pleasure

The Bose FreeSpace 51 speakers blend in with garden greenery, so they are barely noticeable and their tested weather resistance means you can leave them outdoors all year round.

Place the speakers by the pool, on the patio or anywhere in the garden. The FreeSpace 51 speakers from Bose are some of the best-performing and versatile outdoor speakers available today. They can be connected to existing audio equipment and provide exciting stereo sound over a wide listening area. They can be installed on hard surfaces or in the ground, so they are the ideal alternative to mounting speakers to your home.


The speaker base is designed for solid and secure placement, as well as being designed to stay outside all year long.

Bose FreeSpace 51 speakers offer exceptionally broad, even coverage due to a radial design that enables 360-degree sound dispersion. All of the features combine to offer the durability you need outdoors with sound you would expect indoors.

This outdoor speaker system is perfect for the Algarve outdoors and is available from Marc Electrónica. For further details, contact or emailmail [email protected]